VELVET from A Square Foot of Fauna Series The male Whitetail Deer lose their antlers after rut which is in the Winter. When their horns start growing back, they are all velvet. Interesting note that during this time when their antlers are small and soft, the female deer pretty much rule the land. It’s hilarious to watch a female deer stand her ground where she wants to eat. If a male tries to move her, she rares back on her back legs and paws him away. The females have the power January through June and the males have the power July to December. 50/50 Interesting, huh? Print dimensions: 12″x12″ Matte: 1″ Natural Walnut Frame: 15.5″x15.5″ All material is sourced and made in the USA. 100% wood from sustainable farms, Off White Conservation matboard, Premium framers grade Acrylite, Archival pigment inks on Enhanced 280g Matte Archival Smooth Paper #tinyjoys #littlegratitudes #sanantonioartist #femaleartist #velvet #deer #antlers #conservationist


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